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  • Royal Blush


    I really love to translate my artwork in to product that people can live with everyday. Here translated into a square scarf is original…

  • Floating Daisies.


    Bright with color, this piece utilizes the misprints of linocut printing, mixed with painted paper, silk, and gold accents. It is mixed media collage…

  • Floral Mosaic.

    Floral Mosaic, 2017

    This piece is the bridge from my series of florals to my newer series of linear and abstracted pieces. It is a mixed media collage…

  • Gold in these Hills.

    Gold in these Hills, 2017

    One of my favorite newer pieces, this piece reflects my commentary on the pulling of resources for profit from the Earth-gold, water, oil, minerals…

  • Factory Town.

    Factory Town, 2017

    This mixed media collage on canvas is made from cut up pieces of painted paper patchworked and pieced together. I was inspired by the landscape…

  • Mum


    A collage on canvas, made from silk and recycled paper, mixed with acrylic paint and pencil. 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ 

  • Got Pashmina?

    Black peony promo

    With my career as a product designer by day, it is really easy to envision my artwork as product. In this day and age, there…