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  • (unrequited) Dove.

    (unrequited) Dove, 2017

    Oh my goodness, I am having so much fun and satisfaction working in metal again. Brass, copper, wire and painted silk that has been…

  • Got Pashmina?

    Black peony promo

    With my career as a product designer by day, it is really easy to envision my artwork as product. In this day and age, there…

  • Fenced Out.

    Hannah Rosenberg, Fenced Out 2016, small

    Inspired by conversations around immigration in the news, this was my response. Made from mixed media, a combination of silk, acrylic, ink and thread…

  • Large Pink

    Large Pink, .

    A complete play on materials, this piece mixes silk, paper and acrylic combined with ink on canvas. I liked using the natural silk because…

  • Metropolis


    This piece is full of texture, made up of acrylic, silk, paper of all kinds on canvas. The finishing touch is the threadwork. The…

  • Storm Surge


    This piece offers a surprise when the viewer gets close to see all the detail. Layers of color, fabric, paper, and texture are mixed…