Wherever you go, There you Are.

By January 16, 2018 No Comments

This is the first piece of 2018! Inspired by city map and made from recycled papers that were painted and pieced together. The recycled papers used were old out of date maps, two boxes of which were donated to me by a person I met at my last open studios. She was very excited to hear that I used recycled papers, and went home and came back with these boxes of maps for me. So generous, she just wanted them to go to a good home and not just be thrown away.

The work is filled with great snippets of color and is highly textural due to the fact that canvas used to be something else that didn’t quite work and got overpainted. It is so much stronger than the original. What really makes the piece pop was the addition of touches of thread, which helped to define the shapes, and are reminiscent of highways and roads.

The title of the work, “Wherever you go, There you Are,” is a line lifted from a movie from the 80’s-gold star to you if you can guess the movie title.


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