Photo Credit: Fifi Fresh Photography

My work is made up of a wide range of materials, often using whatever is at hand. The pieces include recycled papers which are painted, cut up and collaged – often mixed with silk, thread, acrylic, graphite and ink. I look to use simple materials and enjoy the experimentation and the challenge of elevating them. This challenge becomes a design problem, the limitations in materials force creativity and the resulting works are highly textural and full of color. They provide an element of surprise for the viewer when the details are seen up close.

My background is in both apparel and product design. I have designed and developed a wide variety of products ranging from apparel, accessories, bags and toys. I find that my training as a designer often informs my work, as I see possibility in materials. Behind it all I am an artist with a love of translating what I see in my mind’s eye and bringing it to life. The best results occur when my worlds collide, art in design and design in art.